Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Book Review: Dangerous Deception

It is my honor to do a review for the Partners in Crime book tour company and Dangerous Deception was one of the best books I have the privilege to review. Read on for what will be enticing information that will make you want to order this book right now.

Dangerous Deception

Author: Cindy McDonald

Acorn Books

ISBN: 978-0-9857267-4-4

SYNOPSIS: (this is the 2nd book in a series, but can be read as a stand alone)
Vic Deveaux’s glory days as a winning jockey have ended, but he refuses to accept that pile of horse hockey!
When the West family asks Vic to take an easier position at their Thoroughbred farm, Westwood, he becomes enraged and teams up with two greedy stable hands in a scheme to kidnap the youngest son, Shane.
Things turn ugly when Vic discovers that his new-found friends have murder on their minds. Suddenly Vic finds himself between a rock and a hard place. He has betrayed his good friend, Eric West, but will he participate in his son’s murder as well?
Not content to sit at home and wait for her men to bring her brother home, Kate West convinces homicide detective, Carl Lugowski, to check out a hunch at an old abandoned mansion. Soon they’re trapped in a hornet’s nest of a notorious biker gang.
Oh yeah, Vic’s deception has placed the West family in more danger than they know what to do with!

For twenty-six years my life whirled around a song and a dance: I was a professional dancer/choreographer for most of my adult life and never gave much thought to a writing career until 2005. Don’t ask me what happened, but suddenly I felt drawn to my computer to write about things I have experienced (greatly exaggerated upon of course) with my husband’s Thoroughbreds and the happenings at the racetrack.
Surprised? Why didn’t I write about my experiences with dance? Eh, believe it or not life at the racetrack is more…racy. The drama is outrageous—not that dancers don’t know how to create drama, believe me, they do but race trackers just seem to get more down and dirty with it which makes great story telling—great fiction.
I didn’t start out writing books, The Unbridled Series started out as a TV drama, and the Hollywood readers loved the show. The problem was we just couldn’t sell it. So one of the readers said to me, “Cindy, don’t be stupid. Turn your scripts into a book series.” and so I did!
In May of 2011 I took the big leap and exchanged my dancin’ shoes for a lap top—I retired from dance. It was a scary proposition, I was terrified, but I had the full support of my husband, Saint Bill. It has been a huge change for me. I went from dancing hard five hours a night to sitting in front of a computer. I still work-out and I take my dog, Harvey, for a daily run. I have to or I’d be as big as a house. Do I miss dance? Sometimes I do. I miss my students. I miss choreographing musicals, but I love my books and I love sharing them with you.

MY REVIEW: Awesome, is the most I can say. To describe the intrigue or the depth of the characters does not do justice to the accomplishments of Ms. McDonald. She is an author who grips her audience from the first page and keeps hold of them until the last page leaving them wanting so much more of the characters and the fictional places she has created.

Vic is a character the reader may dislike but there are characters throughout the mysterious and dangerous happenings that the reader will not only love but will hang on to every word seeking the just rewards for all.

The story leads the reader through mystery, deception, love, hate, murder, kidnapping, and she throws in an abandoned mansion to the deception. This is a must read for anyone who loves mystery and who wants to be surprised with twists and turns not seen until the end. Kudos to Ms McDonald for a wonderful second book in her series. Check out the first book for a good read as well but Deadly Deception stands on it's own as a winner.

Visit or your favorite book store to get your copy. For more information about the book or the author visit.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Book Review: Baby Come Home

Title: Baby Come Home

Author: Elizabeth Kail Arnita

Illustrator: Diane Lucas

ISBN: 9781612440873


Halo Publishing

36 pages.

Baby Comes Home is a 36 page picture book about the love of a boy for his pet bird. The author does a wonderful job of showing how loving includes teaching, protecting, and guiding by weaving all the loving tasks the boy does for the bird into a charming story. When the bird feels caged and in need of some freedom, his escape leads to danger from things in and outside of the garden. If he would have only listened......

The meaning of this story goes deeper than just that of a bird, but matches Biblical ideas about how our God loves us and protects us if we just listen. This book will open the discussion with parent and child about rules and the whys when a parent  must say "no".

Baby Come Home is a great read aloud story for bedtime but would also be an easy story for children to read alone. Reading the book together though will offer a teachable moment for parents where they can not only talk about a parent's love for a child but also God's love for His children. The author offers additional scripture to assist in relating the story theme with Biblical principles.

Baby Come Home cover.jpg

Monday, January 14, 2013

Book Review: Gabriela and The Widow


Title: Gabriela and The Widow

Author: Jack Remick

ISBN: 978-1-60381-147-7

Publisher: Coffeetown Press

Gabriela and The Widow is about a fourteen year old girl who has suffered the loss of family as her entire village was destroyed. The story traces her life of torture, abuse, and emotional and physical struggles with evil in many forms and her relationship with the widow, also a tortured soul. Together they set out to gain revenge and some meaning to the tragic world in which they have lived and survived. It is a story of two women, relationships and resolve.

This is an adult novel filled with layered meanings and symbolism that entertains and grabs the attention of the adult reader. Although the character is fourteen when the story begins, this novel is graphic and at times vulgar in it's description of what life is for this character and forces the reader to keep turning the pages. The plot is complex and filled with revenge, sometimes sadness, and a level of mystery and intrigue that only a well versed and experienced author could accomplish. Not many can create a world with both people and bizarre creatures like overgrown toads and vile monsters and turn the work into a masterpiece.

Although some might not enjoy this story, the reader would be lax if he or she could not acknowledge the skill and talent of the author in weaving this complex story in such a direct and graphic way. It is a master tale by a master talent.

Visit the author at for more information on this author and poet.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Book Review: Leaves by Michael Baron


Author: Michael Baron

Publisher: The Story Plant

ISBN: 13-978-0-9841905-4-6

Paperback 330 pages

The story welcomes the reader immediately to Oldham, CT a small town rich in heritage and full of modern characters with modern day emotions and problems. The Gold family has been part of the town for more than 3 decades and their Inn a gathering place for those who seek solace in the changing of the leaves.

But this year is different, filled instead with grief, loss, and changes. The story is an emotionally packed depiction of the Gold siblings and how each is dealing with change. They are each challenged in new ways to make life different and the author does a wonderful job of pulling the reader into the hearts of each of the characters and the family dynamics so you won't want to leave.

Romance, drama, tensions, and unforgettable characters who love and long to be loved will keep you reading and wanting more. You will be part of the grand Gold Halloween Party minus the costume, unless you become so engaged you dress up too. We won't tell. The story is that inviting and that engaging.

Visit or for more on the author, the book, and the future of the Gold family siblings. You won't be disappointed.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Book Review: Gary's Gray World

Author: Ryan J. Cunningham

Illustrated by Chrissy Fanslau

Title: Gary's Gray World

ISBN: 9781463670160

August 2011

Summary from the cover: When Gary's father is too busy to play, a scary moment at the baseball field brings his dad rushing to the park to rescue him.

My review: Cute simple story about a busy dad and a little boy who doesn't understand why work is more important than playing.

The story has a cute twist, nothing too frightening for little one's and a great ending. The story offers the opportunity to parents to discuss what is important and how sometimes work takes a front row seat but in the end time is what is important.

This cute book can be read aloud or beginning readers can tackle the text with a little encouragement. The book can be found at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble and is available as a Kindle Reader or a Nook Book.


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