Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Book Review: Princess April Morning Glory

Title: Princess April Morning Glory

Author: Letitia Fairbanks

ISBN: 978-0-9887848-2-6

Publisher: Sandramantos Publishing, LLC

It is a rare and wonderful thing to discover a rich tale for children which combines both inspiration and adventure with a sprinkle of morality that is as entertaining today as when it was written in 1941. Princess April Morning Glory is just such a tale. Written by Letitial Fairbanks, niece of Douglas Faribands Sr. this tale is one that stays with you long after the pages are closed.

Princess April grows slightly too big for her pants and sets out to find her own way in the world. When she discovers that darkness and evil prevail, she must find her way back home but how? What three good deeds may make it possible to return? And the adventure begins with the various creatures she meets as she attempts to stay true to herself and make her way back home.

The story is so well written one might forget to mention the detailed illustrations also done by Ms. Fairbanks. She began the book combining her talents as a writer, painter, and illustrator on the very day that her uncle passed away. Coincidence, maybe. I rather suspect it was her tribute to the spirit of the man her uncle was to both his public and more personally to her as she poured her heart into this fairytale.

Although Letitia Fairbanks may not have realized her impact on children's literature before her death in 1992, those who read her work recognize immediately that she was not only talented but brilliant.

Visit www.PrincessApril.com for more information on the book and the author. Information on the publisher who is behind this re-release can be found at www.Sandramantos.com

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Book Review: Fairy May

Fairy May

Author and Illustrator: Jo Linsdell

Publisher: Create a Space


Author Jo Linsdell has done it again with her picture book staring Fairy May. With just enough rhyming verse Ms. Linsdell tells a delightful story of how you dream and become everything you can be even if it is a tooth fairy and even if at first things don't go your way. Hard work, studying, and taking the big test all show the reader some of what it takes to become what you dream you can.

This short story has a good beginning, a middle that entices the target audience, and a happy ending with a twist...all the perfect parts to a good story for both the listener if being read aloud or the beginning reader who can master the text independently.

Visit the author at www.Jolinsdell.com for more information about this book and the author who crafted another great story for young readers. You will also find links to the latest virtual book tour for Ms. Linsdell and learn more about her writing career.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Book Review: Sublime Planet

Sublime Planet

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Magdalena Ball

Photos: Ann Howley

ISBN: 978-1482054705

Printed: CreateSpace.com

Sublime Planet is a brilliant anthology containing a collection of beautifully written poems related to humans and the environment. Each award winning author has their own collection within the book making the combination both entertaining and thought provoking.

It is unusual for two authors to blend writing styles and content into such a collection that honours the relationship between human beings and the world around them while keeping the reader turning the page. Each selection is both unique and personal, yet in someway represents the fragile thread that connects animal, planet, plant, and the human soul.

One of my favorites in the collection is titled The Giraffe. While being one of the shortest poems in the collection it is filled with such meaning and depth one must read it at least twice to grasp the deepest relationship between the human and the animal.

Animal, landscape, human, emotion, and the environment are all addressed in this collection, one chapbook that you will read, and read again. And the brilliant photography of Ann Howley will not go unnoticed either. The reader is left wanting more of both poem and photos.

For more information about these talented authors visit their websites.

Magdalena Ball    www.magdalenaball.com

Carolyn Howard Johnson   www.HowToDoItFrugally.com

Ann Howley   www.annhowley.com


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