Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Buzz... A Blog Tour is Coming.....

  • Writing is fun, hard work, and creative, but did you know that writing can be therapy as well?
Writing is a well known therapy for grief. Journals are the best way to write your way through grief.
Join me on November 7th as part of the blog book tour for Always My Brother by author Jean Reagan.
Jean has done journal writing, creative writing, and she has most recently written a book about the grief of loosing a sibling. Jean will be a guest here on November 7th and post on this blog about her own writing about grief. Follow here the rest of the week for tips and ideas about how to start your own journal.
Comment and let us know how you journal and how it has helped you through a difficult or sad time. Sharing with others will help all of us grow. See you then.... come back again....Friends.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Take a Look at the NeW WEBSITE of author Mayra Calvanis

Mayra Calvani's Official Children's Book website

can be found at

  • Visit the new and wonderful website of Mayra, a children's author, and take a peek at all the new stuff about books for kids, her newest release, and about her passion for Golden retrievers.

The site offers links for the beginning writer to explore... cruise through to see what other great children's authors have to say. The links will lead you to published authors Donna McDine, Suzanne Lieurance, Beverly McClure, and Kathy Stemke.

  • Look for information about the Children's Writer's Coaching Club and The Society of Children's book writers and illustrators.

Sign up for Mayra's newsletter and more

Check it out and let me know what you find. The more we share the more we grow as writers. And when you are done cruising through the links and new website....Go forth and WRITE.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A New Blog for those Interested in Human Resource Careers

Writing can be a solitary life or as a writer you can choose to network. I believe we all need to connect in some way no matter what our genre or writing interest is. You just never know who might know someone with a need for what you write.

I think writing also works best when we share what we know with other writers. Although the field is competitive, like in life, you do not grow and prosper with out first giving and sharing.

So my writing advice for today is to plug into the knowledge and advice of other writers in your field of interest and outside of your field of interest.

Together we will share, learn, and grow in our own writing.

With that being said, I will PLUG a new blog for those interested in the field of Human Resources. The blog can be found at This blog will not only give information on the topics related to human resources, it will offer tips to new and experienced writers in the field of Human Resources.

In this tough economy, many cannot find positions in the original fields that they have received a degree in but are making there own way. WRITING in the field that you are interested in can be just as lucrative as working in the field.

What other fields of interest can you discover where your writing talent can be put to use. Follow this new blog for a great example of the new age entrepreneur.

Check it out and let me know what you find.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Yes! You Can.....

Just a quick plug for Nancy L Sanders new book.
Scroll down for the first review, but I have to tell you as I progress through the book I am finding great inspiration for the new writer.
Her tips on how to approach the writing you are passionate about are different than her tips on how to approach the material you write for the pay check.
This book is worth the read for any beginning writer and I feel it has information that experienced writer's can benefit from as well.
Check it out and See what you think. I believe you will be hearing more and more from this writer and she will be a big influence on writing for this genre. The book is available at book stores now or online at

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Slow Burn- New Release

A Slow Burn by Mary De Muth is a newly released novel with rich characters that you will easily relate to. Mary writes with such passion and heartfelt emotion whether it is pain, sorrow, grief, jealousy, or pure joy Mary touches every reader.

  • Grab your copy today to find out what is happening in Defiance,Texas with the characters you learned to love from her first book in the Trilogy series. The Daisey Chain introduced us to the people of Defiance, and A Slow Burn will show you the hope that love brings as Emory Chance deals with her grief and anger at the death of her daughter, Daisy.

The story will grip you from the beginning so get a copy today and plan on reading it all the way to the end... skipping the laundry, the dust, and maybe even dinner. Let me know how you like it or better yet, visit Mary at and leave her a comment about the book. She is a wonderful author, an inspiration to new and experienced writers, and a great example of a successful author, speaker, mother, and wife. Check it out.


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