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Finding A Theme for Your Story

I love thinking up  story ideas for children. I want them to be excited to hear my story read out loud or even more excited to read my story over and over all by themselves. But first finding the theme for the story is indeed an important part of crafting the piece. A theme should not scream in bold letters and loud voice, rather a good theme is almost silent and woven into a well crafted story so that the reader may not even realize what the theme was meant to be.

Children want to imagine, be entertained, and to laugh. They love silly and they love weird and they don't want to be lectured to when they are reading for fun. But a story for children can have a lesson or teaching moment if you will, as long as the reader is also having fun while learning. Even better, a good story will have a solid theme with a life skill take away and the reader may not realize they are getting  a life lesson until much later.

So how does a writer choose a theme?  Does the theme come before develo…

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