Thursday, March 14, 2013

Writers On The Move: Freelance Writers: What to Do While You're Waiting...

Enjoy this helpful article published today at Writers on the Move. Great advice for those of us who don't have daily income.

Writers On The Move: Freelance Writers: What to Do While You're Waiting...: by Suzanne Lieurance , the Working Writer's Coach Whether you're a new freelance writer anxious for your first assignment or a se...

Monday, March 4, 2013

March is for Challenges

March is proving to be a month of challenges. For writers there are several challenges going on including the Chapter Book Challenge. If you write picture books you may also belong to the 12 x 12 challenge which keeps us accountable for a draft every month. And Christine Katz offers a 21 Moment challenge starting in March. Add to it personal challenges and life in general along with regular submissions and a regular writing schedule and most of us are just plain challenged.

It can be a challenge just to be somewhat productive each day and with all the characters spinning in my head I can get easily distracted. I know that keeping a focus is one of the most important skills needed to make the writing both productive and lucrative but even with the goal of being published and paid the focus can still get blurred.

For me, I am trying to keep organized with my process. Keeping notes on each project and a calendar handy helps but I still need to do the final step in being focused and that is putting the bottom in the chair.

How do you stay focused? What challenges are you facing this month? Can you share your process?


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