Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Book Review: Noah Webster & His Words

Noah Webster & His Words
Author: Jeri Chase Ferris
Illustrations: Vincent X. Kirsch
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt- 2012
Juvenile Nonfiction: Biography
ISBN: 978-0-547-39055-0

Product Details

Noah Webster & His Words is an excellent biography about how our dictionary today was researched and written by Noah Webster early in the 1800’s. The words and the illustrations engage the reader from the first page and carry the reader on the long journey of finding every word that was originally written into the dictionary.
The story of how Noah wanted to write as a boy and followed his dream by traveling to other countries and libraries around the world to complete his work is demonstrated through text and pictures. It is a great addition to the classroom library and serves well as an excellent source for teachers and students regarding history of the written word.
The book includes an illustrated timeline from 1758 and Noah’s birth to 1843 when Noah dies in New Haven. The timeline includes other historical facts that become a spring board for other history learning activities for classroom teachers or parents who home school. The book is an excellent example of bringing the reader into the past and making them feel the past rather than memorizing facts about the same. Readers will feel like they have met and know Noah Webster. They will gain a new appreciation for the importance of research and for the dictionary itself coming away with another great book that teaches students to love the written word.
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Noah Webster & His Words is a great addition to any collection. It is rare to find a biography that entertains as well as educates and this fits the bill. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Now My Next Big Thing.........

Although I am not famous or as talented as Nancy I. Sanders, she has motivated me to become a better writer. So it is fitting to link to her great books about writing and being successful. Her books have been my resource yet I have so much to learn. ( )

As a writer and a nurse, mom and grand-mom,  I have a heart for kids and what they are going through. Whether it is a preschooler learning about our world or an older reader who thinks they are the only one dealing with a problem, I find writing for kids is in my heart. So my next big thing started from that passion for kids and from really sick kids asking me as their nurse to bring up tough topics with their parents. Tough topics like painful chemo, being the only kid who can't have sugar, or the most serious- dying.

It is from these experiences and conversations that The ABC's of Cancer According to Lilly Isabella Lane came about. I did a pitch at The Muse Conference in 2010 with Publisher Betty Dobson of Inkspotter Publishing and we made the connection and subsequent agreements for publishing my first picture book.

Don't be deceived, it takes many months, years, and time to get a book from the first pitch to book in hand and I am still in that agonizing process. I have proofed the final version with illustrations so it is just a waiting game for seeing it in full print and then the fun begins. In the mean time, I am working on my next bigger thing and that is a picture book with the same format for children with diabetes.

My picture books are designed to not only help kids read about the same things that they are going through but to read about what it might be like for their peer. It is through this understanding that kids will develop compassion for others and an understanding.Stay tuned for excerpts from The ABC's of Cancer According to Lilly Isabella Lane. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Next Big Thing... Blog Tour with Award Winning Author Nancy I. Sanders

The next big thing for Nancy I Sanders is the release of her book Yes! You Can Learn How to Write Children's Books, Get Them Published, and Build a Successful Writing Career

And I can vouch for how wonderful the information is in all of Nancy's books. I have learned so much from her previous books on writing that I can't wait to read this too.

Anyone who wants to write for children knows that it is not easy. Nancy has a sure fire plan to help you be successful.

Yes 1 Front Cover Follow Nancy at her blog and on her tour. You will find the answers to so many questions about how she does what she does and why this book is the best yet to come.

Visit her here at and you won't be disappointed at all you will find just on her blog. Then grab a copy of her book for the best guide ever to writing for children. I am honored to be a friend and to have gathered much of what I have learned from Nancy. Come join the fun on the tour and see what you can learn too. Success is just a pen and paper away if you want to write for kids.


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