Thursday, August 27, 2015

Book Review: Whistle Beans... Another Sugar Paw Adventure

Whistle Beans...Another Sugar Paw Adventure
Author: VS Grenier
Illustrations: Kevin Collier
ISBN: 13: 978-1-61244-367-6
Halo Publishing

Sugar Paw is at it again. Not only does he not eat vegetables, he was baby-sitting Cesar the parrot for Bonnie Whiskers and Cesar flew away.
The adventures of Sugar Paw start in the garden with Papa Bear who tries to explain the need for vegetables and Sugar Paw wants none of it. But when trying to find Cesar, he learns some valuable lessons on just why we need vegetables and how they can come in pretty handy. Can a bean help you whistle for instance?

Award winning author, VS Grenier does a great job of helping Sugar Paw learn about vegetables with her delightful text which is enhanced by the talents of illustrator Kevin Collier. Children and adults alike will be engaged in the adventures of Sugar Paw as they enjoy the bright illustrations. Young readers will want to come to the garden again and again to experience this exciting adventure. And along the way they may just pick up the secret to how to whistle.

About the Author: VS Grenier is an award-winning children’s author and a Mom’s Choice Honoree, who loves spinning tales from her childhood into adventures in the World of Ink. When she isn’t busy writing, playing dress-up or having tea parties with her girls, she takes long hikes in the desert with her miniature schnauzer, Taz. You can learn more about the VS Grenier at

About the Illustrator: Kevin Scott Collier is a commercial artist/ designer by profession as well as an author and illustrator of over 130 children’s books. He lives in beautiful Grand Haven, a quaint port city along the Lake Michigan shoreline with his wife, Kristen and son, Jarod. You can learn more about Kevin Scott Collier at


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