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So you want to be a writer.......

I have wanted that since 8th grade English when we read Hawaii and watched the movie version with Elvis Presley. I have wanted it before that when the Pokey Little Puppy wagged his way through one of my favorite Golden Books and I promised myself that someday I would write a story to be turned into those gold bound versions of a kids book.

I have taken courses including courses at The Institute of Children's Literature and my first online fiction writing class in 1984 which gave me my first computer included in the price of the course.

Like you, I have shelves lined with books on fiction and nonfiction writing, writing for children, and finding your niche. I have made tiny baby steps and I have submitted and been rejected to prove that the efforts are not quite where they should be. I continue to study and hone my skills, and most days ask myself if this is still what I want.

The answer is a definite YES. This is still what I want. But, like the picture here, it can be a long and dusty journey. So the question is what have I learned and where am I headed?

  • I know that writing is a skill that can be learned, but doing it well does not promise you a published book.
  • It takes small steps to learn and progress, it takes finding a focus or slant, and it takes learning more than the skill of writing.
  • It takes learning the business side of publishing, marketing, and building a platform.
  • It helps to have a mentor, a coach, and a few writing critique partners to keep you focused.
  • It takes discipline
  • It takes writing... that means making yourself put words on the page or the computer screen every day.

I will be sharing my progress here on this blog to encourage other writers like myself who have not experienced the rush of success but still answer YES. Hopefully we will find others who will share and guide us as we work towards the goals we set for our writing careers.

I would encourage you to check out the 6 week writing course offered by published author Suzanne Lieurance. It is affordable and it is filled with the basics to get your career jump started. I am taking the course myself, so come join me and let's see how far we come together.

Check out her website too for more great information.

I am going to start today with 3 things on my to do list.

1. Make a writing plan for this week

2. Set 3 goals for this blog

3. Set 3 goals to focus my writing.

I will let you know how it goes. What will you do today to forward your writing career? Feel free to email or make a comment so we can share in your progress. Happy writing.


  1. Hi Terri, My goals for today are to post to my blog,(I did that already), to read and comment on other people's blogs (made a start on that) and to edit a children's story ready to submit to an e-publisher.
    Great blog, Dorothy


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