15 Day Challenge to Declare That I am a Writer

I am joining Jeff Goins in his 15 day challenge to become the writer I need to be. Writing is in my heart and soul. Like miost writers, I have written everything from a diary in 4th grade to poems, journals, stories, essays, and book manuscripts. I am a writer.

But I need more... more writing, more audiences, more hearts to reach, more writing gigs, and I want to make money with my words. I have spent the better part of 35 years doing more than one job and writing on the side. Nursing has served me well.

But I need more...I need and I want to write full time. So I declare I am a writer and I will continue to be a writer.... And I will move forward today taking direct actions to be a published author producing wonderful products for children. Keep checking at my progress, I am a writer.


  1. Good luck, Terri. You most definitely are a writer!



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