Book Review: Baby Come Home

Title: Baby Come Home

Author: Elizabeth Kail Arnita

Illustrator: Diane Lucas

ISBN: 9781612440873


Halo Publishing

36 pages.

Baby Comes Home is a 36 page picture book about the love of a boy for his pet bird. The author does a wonderful job of showing how loving includes teaching, protecting, and guiding by weaving all the loving tasks the boy does for the bird into a charming story. When the bird feels caged and in need of some freedom, his escape leads to danger from things in and outside of the garden. If he would have only listened......

The meaning of this story goes deeper than just that of a bird, but matches Biblical ideas about how our God loves us and protects us if we just listen. This book will open the discussion with parent and child about rules and the whys when a parent  must say "no".

Baby Come Home is a great read aloud story for bedtime but would also be an easy story for children to read alone. Reading the book together though will offer a teachable moment for parents where they can not only talk about a parent's love for a child but also God's love for His children. The author offers additional scripture to assist in relating the story theme with Biblical principles.

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