Silent Voice: A Children's Picture Book about Autism

I apologize for not clicking the Publish button yesterday when this review was scheduled so without further ado, may I present another wonderful children's book review on Autism.

 Silent Voice
                         Barry Rudner
                         Illustrations by Peggy Trabalka
                         ISBN: 978-1-9407775-10-4
                         PICTURE BOOK

Author Barry Rudner does a stand up job describing for the young reader what it feels like to have autism. The simple words ooze with deep emotion making the reader relate to the feelings  all children experience especially those with the misunderstood challenge of known as autism. This book is a must read for young children. The illustrations  by Peggy Trabalka serve to deepen the reader's understanding making this book a treasure for the reader, parents, and teachers. This is a must for any collector of children's picture books and most importantly for anyone who loves a child with Autism.

About the Book
In his powerful and poignant new book Silent Voice, Barry Rudner highlights the pandemic occurrence of autism, how it can afflict any child, and, like any malady, how it robs children of their youth, impacting families and communities everywhere. "I wrote this book to address the need for autism awareness but also to bring awareness to all disabilities...There is not a parent alive who would not give anything to see their child healthy..."
About the Author
Barry Rudner has been a writer and poet of self-esteem books for children for over thirty years. This journey has allowed him to write about universal truths such as reaching for your dreams, being yourself, undying friendships, homelessness, and disability awareness. He is the product of an incredible education that was a gift from his parents; Silent Voice and his previous releases are his gift in return. He firmly believes that we cannot educate children unless they feel good about themselves, and ultimately, when they grow up, they will not feel good about themselves unless they are educated.


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