Plan now... for 2010. Tips for the beginning writer.

The Holidays are fast approaching and so is the end to another year. Time flies and it can be all too easy to say NEXT year I will get published or NEXT year I will spend more time putting my words to the page.

  • How DO you feel about your writing for 2009?

WHAT do you want to do with your writing career for 2010?

NOW is the time to start planning for your successful 2010 freelance career. Here are a few tips for you to get your writing up and running.

1. Make a list of 4 things you want to accomplish next year regarding your freelance writing business. Breaking that into small steps allows three months for each goal for 2010.

2. Under each goal, list one action you can do daily to work towards that goal. List one action every week you will do to work towards that same goal.

3. Schedule writing time every day to reach those smaller goals, even if you only have 15 minutes a day. Fifteen minutes every day for one week is a total of 105 minutes a week. Carry that total for 4 weeks and you have a whopping 420 minutes to work on your writing career. Aren't you worth that.

4. Take advantage of all of the free writing advice and writing sites online, but schedule those into your work time and stick to the schedule. You can easily get distracted by all of the information and never get to the writing part of your goal.

I am beginning again by putting my writing career above anything else for 2010. I am serious about wanting to succeed at this and to get some things published. I will follow my own advice and make a goal list, schedule writing time, and continue to learn from other successful freelance writers.

But the most important part of the entire 2010 plan is this:


Good luck. Check back often for encouragement and tips. Visit for more writing tips and how to market your writing.


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