Blog Tour Interview with MarshaCasper Cook

1. Could you tell us a little about how you started in writing romance novels?

I have always have written romance in my Romantic comedies – (screenplays)   but now the sex scenes are a  little more challenging.


2. If you could have coffee with anyone (living or dead, real or fictional) who would it be and why?  
Woody  Allen, Oliver Stone, The Weinsteins,- They are terrific at what they do and are not afraid to take chances .


3. Which of your characters would you say is your favorite and why?
Virginia Templeton has been so much fun because she has no boundaries and doesn’t play by anyone’s rules.


4. Which character would you say you like the least and why?
 I Iike all my characters because no matte how many bad things they might do they always one redeeeming quality.

5. What do you think draws readers into your book(s)?
 My Dialogue because it is very real and I don't write any character the same. My characters are their own person.   


6.   If you could have a star like on Hollywood Blvd, who would you want to have your star by?
Elvis  Presley - He was fun to watch because he loved entertaining people.

7. Can you share about any current writing projects?

 I am writing the third story in my Virginia Templeton Series - STEPPING UP HER GAME and I will be writing another screenplay.

8.  Where can people find your book(s)?




My website is

They can buy my books at


Marsha Cook
 790 Frontage Rd.
 Northfield  IL 60093

 orld of Ink Network
Partner & Founder, World of Ink Network
Phone: 435-625-1743
Madison Montgomery is available for Interviews and book signings.
For Immediate Release
Author Madison Montgomery joins the World of Ink Virtual Tour
The World of Ink Network will be touring author Madison Montgomery’s debut erotic
romance short story collection throughout October and November 2012. These mini
novels are about a powerful woman named, Virginia Templeton.
The main character of these steamy mini novels, Virginia Templeton knows other women
want her life and men just plain want her, but she’ll have to play her game carefully to
get everything she wants.
About the Books:
Every Man Wants Her - Virginia Templeton can turn heads in any room and get the
attention of any man she wants. She’s married to a rich, powerful businessman, but she
wants a divorce. She owns a luxurious condo building, complete with a dashing man to
enjoy on the side, but he wants another woman. Who is the winner or is there one?

It’s Never Enough – Virginia Templeton finds sometimes what you want in life and have
is never enough. This very sexy woman who uses her good looks and dirty tricks to
manipulate people is out to take advantage…Beware!
Publisher: FIDELI
ASIN Number: B008969S2S – Every Man Wants Her
ASIN Number: B0096DX1U8 – It’s Never Enough
Publication Date: 2012
Genre of Books: Erotic Romance
These mini novels are sexy fast-paced lunchtime stories.
About the Author:
Madison Montgomery is an author, screenwriter and Blog Talk Radio Host. The first
book of the Virginia Templeton series, Every Man Wants Her is out now and her second
book, It’s Never Enough released the end of September 2012. In November the third
book of the series will be released.
You can find out more about Madison Montgomery and her erotica romance short stories
during her World of Ink Author/Book Tour at
To learn more about the World of Ink Tours visit


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