Book Review: Tears Water the Seeds of Hope

Tears Water the Seeds of Hope ~ A True Story~


Author: Kim Tews


CrossHouse Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-61315-027-6






Back cover: Tears Water the Seeds of Hope is the inspiring true story of a Midwest husband and wife that become disenchanted with the relentless pursuit of the American Dream and embark on a journey that spans six countries and redefines their values and lives.


My Review: I was hooked from the first pages. Which of us has not become disillusioned with the American Dream and wished that we could make a change that would help mold and benefit another life? Don’t we all wonder just what life means and where we fit in?

The author and her husband had those same questions and emotions but they took it to the next level by following it up with actions that have made a world of difference to people across the continent.


Taking up the cause of starvation and particularly those in eastern Guatemala who suffer from end stages of starvation, this couple have built a mission of not only giving but of training, educating, and loving those in hopeless situations. They travel frequently to Guatemala to facilitate the programs of Outreach for World Hope ( ) an organization they helped to found.


The stories of those who have returned to health and those whose little bodies suffered, stories of loving, forgiving, adoption, and victory over impossible odds will keep the reader emotionally connected to the page as the author pours out the heartfelt truths about their beginning mission work. The reader cannot help but to be changed by the stories and prompted to take an action, any action to help another.


Readers will be wrapped up in the emotional side of this journey and be brought to laughter and tears as each reader will learn that ordinary people can do extraordinary things helping one life at a time. This is a must read.



  1. Great review! Thanks for being part of this wonderful tour!!

  2. Wonderful review, Lori, about a powerful story that needs telling. So glad you're a voice for this book.


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