Off to a great start for 2010

I am off to a great start for 2010 and I owe it to my writing friends and my mentor. These are the folks who hold me to a marketing plan, reasonable and attainable goals, and offer encouraging words when I have one of those days when I don't feel like a writer.

Today, I feel like a writer.

I have a daily, weekly, and monthly plan with the actions listed to help me to achieve my goals.

I have written an article a day ( some days I did two to make up for the day I missed, but it still counts) for the ezine article challenge of 100 articles in 100 days.

And I have outlined my first picture book for kids weaving first aid with fictional characters for ages 4-7.

Finally, I am partnering with a writing friend on a couple of projects that I hope will help others who are going through a health crisis.

I am a writer. How are you feeling about your writing career? Email me so we can share in your progress as you begin to believe that YOU ARE A WRITER. Yoo Hoo.


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