Healthy Boundaries When Developing Your Writing Career

I opened my email today to my newsletter from author Christina Katz and let's say it was an Aha moment.

She talked about healthy boundaries as you develop a writing career. Now I know about healthy boundaries in relationships and in using them in my nursing career, but I never realized that it could apply to my writing career as well.

It was a good reminder. I am responsible for honing my writing skills, improving my writing, and continuing to submit my best work. I don't want to rely on acting like a victim or cry whoa is me if I get a rejection.

Follow these tips to keep your writing boundaries healthy:

1. Write every day and hone your skills

2. Don't rely on others to make your career, stand strong and continue to improve your writing by learning and finding a coach who can guide you in the right direction.

3. Don't whine about rejections, learn from them. Go forth and write it over until it is right and then submit it again.

4. Don't blame others including editors and publishers for your lack of progression in your career. Instead, look at what you can change to move your writing forward.

5. Seek the support of critique groups and mentors, but don't lose site of what it is you have to say. Write from your heart.

6. Keep learning. Don't ever think that you know it all, because in the business of ever changing publishing, no one knows it all.

Check out for more great information on furthering your writing career. And grab a copy of her book Author Mama for some serious writing advice that will help you work towards the writing career of your dreams.


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