Finding Yourself in Your Writing

Do you ever feel like you are walking down a dusty road to nowhere with regards to your writing?

Sometimes we need to take a moment and reflect on where we are and where we want to be.

It goes back to goals: look at your writing goals and look at the goals you have acheived. Write your success story.

If you don't see progress towards your goals you can do one of two things:

  1. Change the goal
  2. Change how you are going to reach the goal

That sounds simple doesn't it. Look at what you have been doing in regards to time spent writing, finding assignments, sending queries, putting words on the page and see what things you are doing that work.

Then look at what you may be doing to hinder your progress. Procrastination is a big part of a writing roadblock and so is fear. Fear of success. Fear of critique, Fear of failure.

Over the weekend take a time to re-evaluate your goals. List a couple of changes you can make to reach your goals. Stop doing what is hindering your progress as a writer. Get off the dusty road to nowhere and get back in the saddle so to speak. Write, my friend, write.

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