Welcome to Blog Jog Day!

My site offers posts on tips for writing for children, reviews for children's books, introductions to some of the characters I write about, and links to other great blogs for parents and kids. I am a pediatric/neonatal critical care nurse and a freelance writer. What fun is that? I can make up cool stories, write serious health related material, or make up puzzles and lessons to teach children first aid and other fun health related stuff.

 Please enjoy my site then click over to  Putting Words to Paper at  http://wordstopaper.blogspot.com   to see what the next Blog has to offer! Lost in the links? You can always go back to the main Blog Jog Day Blog at http://blogjogday.blogspot.com and find a new link to jog from. Thank you for stopping by my site!

Please leave a comment and your email and link to your blog or website if you have one. First I will cruise on over and check it out. Secondly, you will be entered into a drawing to win a copy of Amazing Cows by Sandra Boynton. I was blessed to review this book for both this blog and the blog for Stories for Children Publishing at http://familiesmatter2us.blogspot.com This blog jog is the perfect place to give away such a fun book.


  1. I am just jogging along on this Sunday morning. I write children's stories as well. I like your blog. My blog is:
    http://choices-lovetoteach@blogspot.com. Hope you stop by.

  2. Hi Terri! Stopping by on Blog Jog Day. LOL, try and say Blog Jog Day fast 5 times. : )
    Have a great day!


  3. Hi terri:

    It's been awhile since I last visited. Loveyour new look. Happy Blog JogDay!

    Award-winning Children’s Author
    Write What Inspires You Blog
    The Golden Pathway Story book Blog

  4. Visiting on my jog around. Great blog.

    Please stop over at my blog, if you can!

    Thank you!

  5. I am stopping by on Blog Jog Day to say hi and to enter your contest. I've been told that I "should" write a children's book. This is at the top of my to do list.

    email: blackdolls@sbcglobal.net
    blog: http://blackdollcollecting.blogspot.com/


  6. What a great idea! I may join in the jogging...



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