Book Review: Sublime Planet

Sublime Planet

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Magdalena Ball

Photos: Ann Howley

ISBN: 978-1482054705


Sublime Planet is a brilliant anthology containing a collection of beautifully written poems related to humans and the environment. Each award winning author has their own collection within the book making the combination both entertaining and thought provoking.

It is unusual for two authors to blend writing styles and content into such a collection that honours the relationship between human beings and the world around them while keeping the reader turning the page. Each selection is both unique and personal, yet in someway represents the fragile thread that connects animal, planet, plant, and the human soul.

One of my favorites in the collection is titled The Giraffe. While being one of the shortest poems in the collection it is filled with such meaning and depth one must read it at least twice to grasp the deepest relationship between the human and the animal.

Animal, landscape, human, emotion, and the environment are all addressed in this collection, one chapbook that you will read, and read again. And the brilliant photography of Ann Howley will not go unnoticed either. The reader is left wanting more of both poem and photos.

For more information about these talented authors visit their websites.

Magdalena Ball

Carolyn Howard Johnson

Ann Howley


  1. Terri, sending you tons of thanks for this lovely review of Magdalena's and my coming book. It should be out soon!

    Best, Carolyn

  2. Terri, what a wonderful review. How funny, The Giraffe was my favorite poem in the collection also. I think because of its simplicity.

    1. I too love the poem Giraffe!!!! It's not only its simplicity, but it's in the space between the action.

  3. It was a joy to review, and I must say I did have to read a couple of them twice because of the depth of the meaning and symbolism. Amazing authors doing amazing work.


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