Now My Next Big Thing.........

Although I am not famous or as talented as Nancy I. Sanders, she has motivated me to become a better writer. So it is fitting to link to her great books about writing and being successful. Her books have been my resource yet I have so much to learn. ( )

As a writer and a nurse, mom and grand-mom,  I have a heart for kids and what they are going through. Whether it is a preschooler learning about our world or an older reader who thinks they are the only one dealing with a problem, I find writing for kids is in my heart. So my next big thing started from that passion for kids and from really sick kids asking me as their nurse to bring up tough topics with their parents. Tough topics like painful chemo, being the only kid who can't have sugar, or the most serious- dying.

It is from these experiences and conversations that The ABC's of Cancer According to Lilly Isabella Lane came about. I did a pitch at The Muse Conference in 2010 with Publisher Betty Dobson of Inkspotter Publishing and we made the connection and subsequent agreements for publishing my first picture book.

Don't be deceived, it takes many months, years, and time to get a book from the first pitch to book in hand and I am still in that agonizing process. I have proofed the final version with illustrations so it is just a waiting game for seeing it in full print and then the fun begins. In the mean time, I am working on my next bigger thing and that is a picture book with the same format for children with diabetes.

My picture books are designed to not only help kids read about the same things that they are going through but to read about what it might be like for their peer. It is through this understanding that kids will develop compassion for others and an understanding.Stay tuned for excerpts from The ABC's of Cancer According to Lilly Isabella Lane. 


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