Book Review: How Long Will You Love Me by Patti Brassard Jefferson

I love doing book reviews and it is more of a pleasure when you find a charming book like this. How Long Will You Love Me is a delightful picture book with easy rhyme and heartfelt sentiment that will entrance the reader from the very first page.

Author Patti Brassard Jefferson has done a wonderful job with the illustrations to accompany the perfect rhythm of the text. The meter is smooth and the words flow off the tongue like smooth music for anyone reading aloud making it a pleasure to read again and again to a little one.

The question of how long will you love me comes up in almost every human relationship so the book will resonate with adults as well as children of all ages. There is humor in the silliness used to describe infinity.... and the forever love the question is trying to answer for the reader. How long will you love me.... until baseballs grow on trees, until snakes wear boots, until forever? What a charming way to help children understand love.

Excellent debut book making this author's career one to keep your eye on. This book is a must for anyone who has children, who loves someone forever, and who appreciates a great book.


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