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Meet Children's Author…Irene S. Roth
Welcome to the first day of the tour sponsored by The National Writing for Children Center. for author, Irene Roth. Her passion for young girls and their self esteem comes through in her work. If you have visited the blog before, you know that you can trust the authors, the book reviews, and the information you find here about writing, writing for children, and the world of that we authors spend most of our time in.  So read her interview here first and then follow the tour for another author you will want to know. Visit here again next week for another surprise guest. ( Don't you just love December and the holiday ambiance and excitement in just about everything?)

My Writing Journey

I always wanted to be a children’s writer. I loved children’s books, and most times after taking my adult books at the local library, I would go down to the children’s section and sit on the floor and browse. Many times, I would take out 8 to 10 picture books. They were just so much fun to read!

There is something transporting about reading and holding a children’s book. I never thought that I would become a published children’s author. When I started writing, I wrote academically and taught at the college level. So, the idea of writing a children’s book was quite outside of my immediate purview until I took my first creative writing course with the Institute for Children’s Literature in 2004.
The creative writing bug bit me and every since I never stopped dreaming of writing for children. I started by writing articles for kids, and then dreamed of writing a children’s book. Since my expertise is in the area of Philosophy and Psychology, I was naturally drawn to these areas in my writing for kids. So, the idea for my first children’s book was born.

Welcome to the first day of the tour for award winning author, Irene Roth. Here passion for young girls and their self esteem comes through in her work. Read her interview here first.

I wanted to write about some of the virtues of empowerment that I think kids should learn from the earliest age, such as courage, self-respect, self-love, self-assurance, self-confidence, and hope.  My first book focuses on courage and my next books in the empowerment series will focus on the other topics.

My journey as a writer has been very fascinating and wonderful. I was able to draw from my experiences as a volunteer at local libraries and church ministries. It has been a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to having a lot more fun in the future too.

For me, there is nothing more fun than writing for kids. I really enjoy it and it provides me some balance from academic writing, which I still do a lot of the time.

Irene S. Roth is a freelance writer for kids, teens, and tweens. She also teaches workshops at Savvy Authors. When she is not teaching at the college level and writing academically, she is writing creatively for kids and teens. She is also an Editor for a publishing company.

The next stop on the tour for Irene Roth can be found here:  http://phyllisiturner.com 


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