Welcome to Day 2 of The Virtual Book Tour for Author Sally Lee

The Writer’s Life with Children’s Author Sally O. Lee


Today I’m hosting Day 2 of a 5-day virtual tour (sponsored by the National Writing for Children Center) for Sally O. Lee’s new book, Pop! Pop! Bam! Bam!

About Sally O. Lee

Award-winning author, Sally O. Lee earned her BA in Studio Art and Art History (with distinction) from Colby College and then went on to study graphic design and painting in Boston (Art Institute of Boston) and in New York City (New York Studio School). She has had several shows of her work and received an art grant from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology to conceive and create a series of paintings, and from this came her 2002 exhibition- A Journey Into Abstraction. Some of Ms. Lee’s paintings are in various private collections in the US.

In recent years, Ms. Lee has begun to write and illustrate children’s books. Some of them deal with the struggles of living with some form of handicap…or, as the author prefers to call it, imperfection. Many of her illustrations have been published and she has earned both academic and public recognition for her important work in children’s books. She has had illustrations published in Worldlink Magazine, IEEE Magazine, and several other publications. Sally has illustrated and written 29 books for children.


About the Book

School shootings are a topic no one wants to talk about, especially with young children. Yet, they do occur, so many young children are fearful. This is the story of an angry man who goes in to a school with a gun and hurts people. It is also a story about those who survived and how they coped.



Sally Describes How She Writes and Illustrates


“My process is a little unusual. I do have a day job and a cat to takecare of so I have to fit it in here and there!

“Sometimes a book will take me 5 years to write and sometimes it takes me 5 days!

“Sometimes the illustrations are done but the story doesn’t work yet. And sometimes I have an idea, and the entire book just pours out. I never know.

I consider myself more of an illustrator than a writer, so the story usually is written in a very short amount of time. The illustrations are much harder and take much more time! I write at my computer (sometimes on paper), but I do my illustrations in my leather chair in my living room watching t.v. and doing laundry with a cup of coffee. I have sketchpads and watercolors nearby so that when the idea strikes, I can paint it.”

Find out more about Sally O. Lee and her books at http://www.leepublishing.net


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