Winter Mouse: A Book Review

 Winter Mouse
Author: Amelia Picklewiggle
Illustrator: Dawn M Phillips
ISBN: 978-1495968457
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Synopsis from Amazon:

Meet Marty Mouse, (THE FAST), in this witty, fun and entertaining ride of Cat and Mouse antics. Marty, is the sly little mouse, who desperately tries to thwart the fancy feline any which way he can, until he finally comes up with a brilliant fool proof idea that can't go wrong. Meet Sigfried the Cat (THE FURRY), who wants nothing more, then to devour the mouse and be rid of him for good, as he attempts to force his cozy little home to come crashing down. Amelia Picklewiggle is an award winning, best selling author and the Ambassador for the United States for Board on books for Young Readers. She firmly believes children's books should be written for children, not adults.

My Review: Adorable.... Amelia Picklewiggle sure knows how to get the attention of the reader and to keep them engaged in a fun story. The characters are unique, the story is filled with action, and the ending always has an unexpected twist. This book is filled with beautiful illustrations enhancing the fun for the young reader. Winter Mouse will be a favorite for kids and one that will be read over and over again.
Photo: Who's MARTY MOUSE? Be sure to visit Illustrator Dawn M Phillips Pinterest Album for House of Mouse Series by Best Selling & Award Winning Author Amelia Picklewiggle.


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