Hiatus Over...

Like many writers, life tugs and pulls struggling to rip away our writing time, and many times very successfully. And so I confess that life has done this to me the past few months. And my heart yearns to once again write what the reader needs to hear.

The good news is I am studying and working at getting back on the writing train. My heart cannot take the separation from pen and paper any longer. I have characters, story ideas, copywriting golden sentences, and fun fancy words twirling around in this head of mine just begging me to give even 5 minutes to actual writing.

 So I humbly listen for Gods direction... His voice to direct me. While I wait I study, I learn, I listen, and I write. And by His  Grace I will find the right audience, hiatus over.

What do you do to keep on the right track with your writing when life tries to pull you away?


  1. Life certainly does pull us in many directions, Terri. I find myself having the same problem and trying to get back on track now. I am going to focus on dedicating certain periods of time, perhaps just an hour here or there, to writing and see if that helps shut out the rest of life's pull. Good luck to you!


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