Change can be good...

Writers get distracted, especially those who have day jobs and families and the list goes on. But all writers who are serious about getting their voices heard come back to the page to you guessed it... WRITE.

I am no different. Circumstances change, jobs get lost because of downsizing and age, families need attention, too many ideas come but don't get finished and a need to refocus inspires a change. A change in how the writing gets done and a change in how the business of writing is managed.

A writer needs help at times... a class to hone skills, a course to teach business skills, an editor or at the very least a critique group to help with revisions and I recognize this need. And I also recognize that having a wish to be a writer and taking a course or two won't make me a published or lucrative author. I have heard more than once that if you want different results you must change how you are doing things.

It is the main reason I am taking a different approach to my writing and have signed up with author Julie Hedlund and her new course How to Make Money as a Writer. I have writing skills, I have taught and authored two books but I do not make enough to call myself a writer or to support myself. ( Thank God for my Husband, but I digress) And after being let go of my nursing job at age 59 I do need to make some money.

I no longer have the excuse of not having time... I am unemployed. I no longer have the excuse the kids take all my time. Our kids are grown and have families and lives of their own. I can't say my hubby isn't supportive because he is the one who says ... stay home, write, create, sew, quilt, open a fabric shop, etc... what ever makes you happy and can bring you peace and satisfaction while I can still work. Who could be more blessed than that?

So I have two choices.... 1. Work and study and get my writing and designing back on track or 2. Let fear get in my way and do nothing productive.

I choose to work, study, and give 100% to making this dream of mine come to a lucrative and rewarding chapter of my life not because I want to be financially secure but because I feel God has placed it on my heart so He must have a plan for where I am going.

Stay tuned... good things to come, I feel it.


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