Hey, I''m Here.....

laptop-in-the-grass.jpg I have been missing in action since the first week in January when it comes to writing and blogging for several reasons. Not all reasons for not writing are excusable for sure, procrastination is not a good reason. But broken ribs, a leg injury, along with  pain and swelling kept me slightly immobile.

 I know what you're thinking,,, if I was sitting with my leg up why wasn't I writing. If the leg were the only thing wrong I would totally agree but those broken ribs were much more than I bargained for. I couldn't even change my own clothes for the first few days.

However, my imagination and note taking continued. And reading time was good. I have tried to keep up with my emails, social media, and working on some samples for my quilt shop. All in all, I'm ready to get some book reviews posted this month and get busy joining 12 X 12. I am taking an art class for inspiration with my fabric design and pattern designs. And the ribs are on the mend, recheck is tomorrow.

So stay tuned. More is yet to come in this writing life.


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