Book Review: Cinderella's Secret Slipper

Cinderella's Secret Slipper

Author: Alinka Rutkowska

Illustrations: Konrad Checinski


ISBN: 978-0983154754

Picture Book: Fairy Tale with a twist

From the Back:
Cinderella’s Secret Slipper is a story of our favorite princess who more than anything else wants to wear her famous glass slippers to her son’s birthday party. But she can’t because her four-year-old smashed one of them in an attempt at killing a mosquito on the wall. Where is she going to get a glass slipper now?

About the Author :
Alinka Rutkowska lives in a castle with her family and dragon just like Cinderella and writes picture books for children like you. She has written over 20 books and she received many awards for her work. She is the winner of the prestigious International Readers’ Favorite Book Award Contest and her book series received the acclaimed Mom’s Choice Award.

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MY REVIEW: This is an absolutely brilliant picture book set years into Cinderella's later life when she needs her glass slippers to attend her son's birthday party. But one of the glass slippers gets broken and no one makes those types of slippers anymore. Cinderella runs into her fairy godmother and she has the answer. But guess who else had a fairy godmother? Maybe the Prince?

This book will be a favorite and it includes a summary of the story of Cinderella that we all remember and love. The twist to this new story will keep the reader engaged and the illustrations enhance the wonderful text. It also includes several questions at the end of the story for discussion and to assess the reader's comprehension making this a great book to add to the classroom for young readers. This award winning author has done it again with Cinderella's Secret Slipper.


  1. Great review, Teri. Congratulations, Alinka. Sounds like a great book! Even my older kids in their teen years still love Cinderella:)


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