Book Review: Sir Licksalot and The Bay Fools

 Sir Licksalot & The Bay Fools

Author: D.L.Carroll

Illustrations: Teri Cuneo

ISBN: 9781634481533

Publisher: American Star Books 2014

This is such a great adventure. Bobby and his sister along with their friends and of course the dog, Sir Licksalot are ready to enjoy the summer. Despite the fact that mom hires a babysitter, the group still has the magic fountain where all their adventures and travel begin. The Bay of Fools adventure finds them separated in the bubble fog and experiencing San Francisco..... who lands in Alcatraz and who of the group has fun at Pier 39.

The reader is carried on a fun and mysterious trail riding the famous cable cars of San Francisco along with visiting the famous chocolate factory where Ghiradelli chocolate is made. The mystery of the famous prison on Alcatraz island is explored and there is even a circus. The reader is never bored on this adventure and D. L. Carroll does a fabulous job of engaging the reader from the very first page.

This is just one of the books in a series where the friends and Sir Licksalot travel through the magic of the fountain to explore real places. The author weaves history and fun facts throughout the text to keep even reluctant readers interested. This would make a great addition to any classroom or home book collection and kids will love following the same characters on every adventure.

D.L. Carroll, Author of the Sir Licksalot Series, Receives a Prestigious Award and Makes a Guest Appearance!

Photo: Author DL Carroll
Mon, 23 Mar 2015, 14:03:13 EDT
SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 23, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Family Review Center honors D.L. Carroll, author of the "Sir Licksalot" children's book series, with the Star Award. The Star Award is to recognize outstanding companies and business owners.

Family Review Center Editor, Rita Brenke said, "I have followed and reviewed for this author for the entire series of Sir Licksalot books. I think they are absolutely fantastic. Now that I have an avid reader at home, these chapter books are honestly her favorite. She does not read them just once, she reads them multiple times and she is not short on books in her personal library. I am honored to be able to offer reviews of such a wonderful series, and I encourage you to CHECK them out." 

An interview with Star Award winner, D.L. Carroll is published in the 2015 Awards Edition of the Family Review Center's Magazine.

Family Review Center has been serving families and businesses since 2000. It is our goal, purpose and passion to connect our viewers with the latest and greatest products to hit the market. If a product is family friendly and worthy of attention and consideration for purchase, we will do our best to feature it within the Review Center.

"I am humbled to have been chosen for this prestigious Star Award, said D.L. Carroll. "Having the knowledge that the company's editor shared my books with her loved one, is the ultimate reward."

Author D.L. Carroll and illustrator Teri Cuneo made a guest appearance at Briarwood Elementary School on Read Across America Day (Dr. Seuss's Birthday). Across the country, thousands of schools, libraries, and community centers participated by bringing together students and books. Principal, Mrs. Jezyk remarked, "We here at Briarwood are excited and honored to have D.L. Carroll, author of the 'Sir Licksalot' Series, visit our school to help us celebrate. Ms. Carroll will be meeting with small groups to read a little from her books, discuss her creative process, talk about the publishing process, and answer student questions."

In a statement made by Author D.L. Carroll, "This has been one really exciting year and it just started. We were absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to share the 'Sir Licksalot' books in person with the 380 students. As I read the first couple of chapters from the first book, Teri drew the scene. The students were engaged and full of questions during the Q&A session. This is what life is all about - writing to ignite a child's desire to read, putting smiles on faces, leaving paw PRINTS on hearts, and encouraging the next generation to achieve their dreams."

Each book in the series is a fast paced thrilling adventure. The characters have very distinctive personalities and behaviors that mirror readers and their friends. The stories all have a magical destination and include friendship, conflict, mystery, imagination, and most importantly relatable language. 

The books are written for reluctant and hi-low readers. What is special about this series is that the language is simple. THE READER doesn't have to re-read the sentence a couple of times to comprehend it. The chapters are short so the reader can retain what has been read. In addition, each book has a message. Readers find themselves learning new things without even realizing they are being taught.

- "Sir Licksalot & The Maverick Fools" (ISBN 1604749172) explores the ocean. 
- "Sir Licksalot & The Island Fools" (ISBN 9781462680924) explores culture and respect. 
- "Sir Licksalot & The Arctic Fools" (ISBN 9781629076713) explores global warming. 
- "Sir Licksalot & The Bay Fools" (ISBN 9781634481533) explores landmarks and kindness.

Books in the "Sir Licksalot" Series have received numerous awards, including:
Best of the Year 2012, Best of the Year 2013, Best of The Year 2014, Gold Award, Editor's Choice, Seal of Approval, Recommended, Bronze Award, 5 Star Review Seals, and Pre-Release Endorsements.

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