The Time is Now...

The time is now... to make the time to write, to follow my dreams of being a writer, to be successful at designing fabric, to combine my passions with my desire to share life on the page, and to make my writing pay in both satisfaction and monetary rewards. Note that I didn't say anything about fame.

Fame is not my goal. Writing and writing well, writing to the hearts of my readers, and writing to help supplement my those are some goals. I have dabbled, studied, dreamed, and even published 2 books and more than a hundred articles for sites and blogs but two things are missing.

1. Personal satisfaction
2. Money

The personal satisfaction is not fulfilled because I can do more, I can do better, and I need to push myself to put those words out there to the audience. The money is self explanatory... it isn't coming in on a regular basis. So what is my plan?

  • Set more specific goals
  • Start planning action steps to meet those goals.
  • Write
It may sound simple but as a working nurse, business owner, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, and the list goes on... it takes more than a dream to get where I want to go. I have spent money and time on courses but unless I want to be known as a permanent student of writing instead of a writer then I must move forward.

One of the first action steps I will be taking will be to share right here on this blog some of the struggles I experience as I keep at the writing, at finding the right audience, and in finding the right niche. for those of you who feel the same maybe I will hit a chord with you and be encouraging.  To keep from boring you silly with my plan, I will be featuring new and award winning authors, book reviews, and product reviews on what works for serious writers and what doesn't. So stay tuned for some hard truths, honest encouragement, and hopefully some inspiration. Isn't it time for you to get more serious with your life goals?

And join me July 2 for award winning author Dorit Sasson as she talks about her writing success.


  1. I look forward to your posts and am in the same boat! The never-ending balance of life is difficult to figure out. Persistence pays for sure. Good luck!


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