Back in the Writing Saddle......

Wow, time flies and life just goes by so fast. Have you started projects and left them to the side as life gets in the way only to come back and realize just how long it has been since you worked on the things that make your heart sing? Well, I can say that happens to me. And clearly it isn't that I have lost my passion for one thing or the other but more that I have a passion for too many things and not enough time in the day.

The last two years in particular have been filled with all kinds of things that make my heart sing. Fabric, quilting, having a quilt shop store front and moving it to online and then God calling me back into the neonatal world of nursing and the quilt shop thing taking a back seat.... and all the while we are remodeling a small cabin here in Brown County In. and we have a new grand baby and hubby retired and the list goes on and on. Do you ever wonder just what it is you are really called to do....?

Sometimes it really is all of it but at different times. The quilt shop was fabulous and I made so many friends. I have projects planned for the rest of my life in that department. Being back in the preemie intensive care has always called me and I cherish every shift I do there but alas at this time in my life one shift a week makes my heart happy.

Family time and a little bit of travel every now and again makes my heart happy too. We are downsizing so we can have more time and money for just that. But.......................

Writing really makes my heart happy. Do I do it well? Time will tell. Will it make me a penny? Again time will tell. But does it make my heart happy? Yes Do I feel God has His hands in it? Yes
Should I keep pursuing it? Yes Will it be any kind of legacy for my grandchildren? Time will tell.
Will it Glorify God? It is my prayer but again, time will tell. Will anyone read my words? Time will tell.

Isn't funny how fast time goes when we are going day to day, but how slow time goes when we are trying to find what we were meant to do with our talents. There is no instant feed back with writing. There is no easy button to push to make your words work. Writing is hard. Writing is time consuming. Writing is a lonely and sometimes disappointing endeavor. But for writers, Writing  makes our hearts happy.
Check back soon for more on how we can make our writing work .... and I promise much more regular posting. I am back in the writing saddle again and I love it.

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  1. I couldn't agree more with all you said, Terri! Good luck to you in your writing journey. Looking forward to following:)

  2. Thanks Karin Larson, I need all the encouragement that I can get.

  3. Success is always on the way of writing it


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