What's Next for Author Susie Kinslow Adams

What’s next for Author Susie Kinslow Adams

What’s next? A best seller, of course! Perhaps a movie contract! Then a cabin by the creek that’s all my own, just for my writing! Ya think? Hmmmm!

Perhaps you need to know something a little closer to today’s “what’s next”.  Maybe that is a little far out there—for now!

The exciting thing about all my regular journaling is the ready supply of super great thoughts and ideas for books and articles. The difficulty is in zeroing in on one area. After all, they are all great!

The working title for my current book project is Never Did like Preachers.  Truth is, I never did like them, or, for the most part, their fancy church folk either. So, thirty some years ago and widowed, God married me to a preacher and life has never been the same!

Another project entitled My February with My First Love may be an online project soon. (I’ll leave you to ponder what this one is about.)

I write press releases for area activities and edit a monthly newsletter for our ministry. I compile reports from our department directors and others as well as write several columns myself.

I have some short stories from my nature walks which have yet to find a home. A part of my office hours includes researching magazines and online places to send some of my work.

Meanwhile, I’m shutting this down now and heading for the woods, pen in hand.  Let me hear from you at www.susiekinslowadams.com. Don’t forget to order an extra copy of My Mother My Child for a friend while you can save that postage!


  1. Terri, thank you for hosting Susie, much appreciated.

    Susie, I guess you learned never say never. I always find it interesting where our paths lead us.

    All the best,

  2. Terri beautiful blog, I'm glad you hosted Susie--she is amazing.
    Susie, I chuckle at the turn we sometimes get in our "planned" itinerary. I think yours was awesome, because it is putting you where you need to be. I wish you many sales on My Mother My Child and many blessings as well.

  3. Don't forget the A to Z Challenge starts today with the letter A!
    And remember to turn off word verification.

  4. Hi Terri, you have a nice blog going on here! Are you still going ahead with the A-Z challenge?

    This is me, Duncan D. Horne, visiting you from the A-Z challenge, wishing you all the best throughout April and beyond.

    Duncan In Kuantan


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