Looking over my writing goals..... for 2009

As autumn approaches, I have looked over my writing goals for 2009 and again I am falling short of what I had planned for myself.

  • My mission statement is the same... to inspire, comfort, educate, or encourage with words.

My vision statement is the same... to improve what I write and to continue to hone my skills with a focus on developing my freelance writing as a full time career.

My original goals in January were to get one article published, to gain continuous writing assignments ( I have but few and far between ), and to produce an e-book to sell on my websites and blogs ( lack of confidence creeping in again.. telling me I have nothing to offer that others would pay money to read ).

So now what.

Back to the drawing board... the goals are the same but what I am doing to achieve them must change. I am moved to action as I read how short I have fallen from attaining those dreams so I will gear up for the last 4 months of 2009 and get my backside in the chair and WRITE.

I do write daily but I am going to outline and focus that daily writing to meet the first goal I have for getting an article published in 2009.

I will query once a week or at least twice a month for the ideas that twirl around in my head.

And I am outlining e-book ideas, but due to my full time job, this will take a back seat.

What are you doing to promote yourself and your writing the last 4 months of 2009. Email me and let me know your plans, your progress, and your ideas for sticking to it. I will highlight you in a future post and just maybe you may win a little surprise.... Happy Writing. And Blessings to you this autumn season.


  1. Hi Terri, over the summer holidays I've really neglected my writing, but I start an MA in Writing for Children in two weeks time so I'll have to write! I'm also hoping to resurrect my flagging blog. I've been avoiding getting down to my book on Writing Stories for Children so I really must schedule time for that too. Don't fret too much about what you haven't acheived. Do what you can each day. Dorothy www.kidsbooksuk.blogsapot.com

  2. Hi Terri:

    Sound advice from Dorothy. Please know you do have something to offer. Why not a topic for an e-book on "resources to help families in crisis." You have a specific expertise on this topic, go for it!

    Children’s Author
    Write What Inspires You Blog
    The Golden Pathway Story book Blog
    Donna M. McDine’s Website

  3. It has been a crazy summer but autumn is a time of change and renewal as well. Don't beat yourself up. I find comfort in this----

    "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble." Matthew 6: 34



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