What is keeping you from reaching your writing goals.....

What is it that keeps you from reaching your writing goals?

Just look at this smiling baby and tell yourself that he needs to read what you want to write....he and a thousand other little tike's who will learn about their world by listening to and reading the written word.......So what is stopping you?

  • Colors, animals, feelings, shapes, rhyme, siblings, nature, love, death, life, water, sun, rain, wind, and the list goes on and on and on. Words that are written by writers like yourself will mold the next generation. So.......

Sit down and get those words on paper. No more excuses. Write, write, and keep writing. Your first work won't be pretty, but it will be a start. Look at it this way, you can't learn to edit and revise if you first don't get something written to edit and revise.

Tips for getting started.

  1. Start here: Jot down a few topics you are interested in.
  2. Draw lines from each topic and make a list of 5 words or phrases that could be associated with the topic and write them underneath.
  3. Stop right there: now get up and do something else letting those ideas you just put on paper twirl around in your head. When you have so many ideas twirling that you simply can't do anything else until you write them down begin.
  4. Set a timer for say, 15-30 minutes. Now write everything that comes to mind under one of the topics you have listed. You may find that you have so many ideas, that you must write about more than one idea on your list.
  5. Stop writing while you still have a few ideas. Make a note about where you want to go for your next writing session.

Now look, you have something on paper. You have a plan for where to start the next time you have a few moments of writing time. And you have met your first goal..... writing. Enjoy! There is no limit to where you can go from here.

Happy Writing.


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