Donna McDine- Author of The Golden Pathway

As a new writer, often you look for books, authors, and website that offer inspiration and direction in your new found passion.

Award winning author, Donna McDine offers inspiration, information, and guidance on her website and blog.

Announcing a new book by this talented author: The Golden Pathway.

Visit for details about this great new children's book.

Visit her website at to sign up for her free newsletter. It offers so much for the writer in you regardless of your experience. Check it out.

Browse her site for information, other products, tips from published authors and for guidelines from Stories for Children Magazine. Check that online publication at

Take some time to browse the sites mentioned, have fun, and gain fantastic inspiration. Ready, set, go!


  1. Terri:

    Thank you very much for featuring me today. I'm humbled and honored. Best wishes for your continued success.


  2. No problem, you are so talented and an inspiration. I would encourage any new writer to check out your sites for tips, tools, and a blast of encouragement.
    Thank you.



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