The Buzz... A Blog Tour is Coming.....

  • Writing is fun, hard work, and creative, but did you know that writing can be therapy as well?
Writing is a well known therapy for grief. Journals are the best way to write your way through grief.
Join me on November 7th as part of the blog book tour for Always My Brother by author Jean Reagan.
Jean has done journal writing, creative writing, and she has most recently written a book about the grief of loosing a sibling. Jean will be a guest here on November 7th and post on this blog about her own writing about grief. Follow here the rest of the week for tips and ideas about how to start your own journal.
Comment and let us know how you journal and how it has helped you through a difficult or sad time. Sharing with others will help all of us grow. See you then.... come back again....Friends.


  1. A writer! I've never kept a journal of any kind until my blog (if that counts). It's an experiment, at best. ;)

    Hi! I'm PJ,host of the Amazon giveaway. You're one of my new followers and I like to meet and greet those I haven't met and gret yet! :) Welcome!

    I'm following along on your blog now too!


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