Book Review: Carla's Cloud Catastrophe

Children's Picture Book: Humor

Carla's Cloud Catastrophe

Beth Bence Reinke

Illustrator; Ginger Nielson

Age level: 4-8

ISBN: 978-0-9828346-0-2

4RV Publishing LLC

June 2011

Summary from Publisher: This is a tall tale about an absurd cloud phenomenon that creates havoc, threatening to make Carla miss her own birthday party. As she walks to City Hall, Carla encounters silly scenarios in the cloud filled town. The story will tickle the reader's funny bone and resonate with imaginative children who wonder about clouds and what might happen if they fell from the sky.

My take on this book: This is a silly fun book that enhances the imagination of the reader. It is such a wonderful feeling to read a book like this for the simple pleasure of being silly, pretending, and laughing out loud with your child.

The world today has so many serious problems, natural disasters, and heartfelt tragedy that it is absolutely refreshing to read a book like this with my grandchildren. It is a great conversation starter with little ones too. Questions like "What would you do if the clouds fell from the sky?" ,  "Wouldn't it be fun to play in the soft fluffy clouds floating to the ground?" and  " How would you feel if something happened and you missed your birthday celebration?" are all good questions to stimulate a lively discussion and tickle the imagination along with the funny bone.

This is a cute story, fun, refreshing, and a great picture book to read over and over again.


  1. Hi Terri! So glad you enjoyed Carla's tale and I hope your grandchildren did, too. Thank you for sharing the book with your readers through this sweet review. :o)

  2. I enjoyed Carla's Cloud Catastrophe, and not just because Ginger gave me a cameo appearance. It's a fun book, and as stated in the review, a great conversation opener.


  3. Nice review for Beth's fun and unique book, Terri.

  4. I loved working with Beth on this book! I loved the situations and your review shows how much fun it is to read to children.

    Congratulations, Beth, on another great review.:)

  5. Great review Terri; you gave a good understanding of what the book's about!

    Beth, your books sounds absolutely delightful and its on my 'to get' list for my grandsons.

    Karen Cioffi Writing and Marketing

  6. Vivian, Connie, Barbara and Karen - thank you for popping in to read Terri's review. I love her questions for starting conversations with kids.

  7. Thanks everyone for stopping in. Beth has such a great talent for writing just what kids love to read.


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