The Butt Book- A Review on the book and on Writing.

The Butt Book

Author: Artie Bennett

Illustrator: Mike Lester

Bloomsbury Publishing

This is the funniest, cleanest, and most wholesome book for children I have read on this part of the anatomy. There is nothing in this book more than G rated believe me, and I had to read it to believe it myself.

The book has great illustrations that are the most discrete depictions of all kinds of bottoms. They are done in good taste and in an inoffensive way. No parent would object to the rhyming verse used to answer the questions all children have, mainly what is fascinating about "butts"

This is one book for children that will be read over and over from beginning to end. It is just a silly and fun book about a body part that all kids are curious about.

After reading this fun story, those of you that want to write for children should take a look at how this book is laid out. It follows the picture book format that is talked about in all the writing books and is no more than the usual 24 pages. The text can stand alone but the illustrations enhance the story and the humor. The concept is a simple one, familiar to children of all ages from potty training aged toddlers to second or third graders reading this independently. It's fun, flows easily, and is does not introduce the child to anything that parents might object to although initially parents will want to read it because of the title. The meter is even and goes from page to page in an easy transition.

Writers that want to write for children should read all kinds of children's books and this one should make your list. It can be purchased at or found in your local book stores. Author Artie Bennett is a great example of a writer who has taken an everyday topic and turned it into a book that will be read over and over just for the fun of it. Boys who are reluctant readers will really find this book a hoot. This is a great summer read. You can read more about this author at


  1. I know the title will jump out at kids! Mine would have loved it.


  2. It looks adorable. I need to check it out. Thanks.

  3. Thanks girls, it is a hilarous book, kids will love it.


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