Life Gets in the Way

Life can totally get in the way of your writing, I can tell you from experience. We have spent the summer relocating to our dream retirement community in the southern part of Indiana in the woods and hills of Brown County. While dreams do come true, they come with a price.

The price includes: no sleep, sore muscles, stress from waiting to close on the old house while making payments and living in the new house, new job for spouse, new job for me, orienting with new rules while trying to build a writing career from home,  little time to write and the list goes on and on.

Today after the accumulation of several weeks of traveling back and forth, moving, lifting, and  finally sitting down to enjoy a cooler summer evening hoping to see the deer wander through the woods on our property what do we see...... Goats. Two big old skinny, disheveled and underfed goats.

A big scraggly bearded dirty white goat and a gnarly brown goat with horns. Goats. We could hardly believe our eyes and both my husband and I couldn't do anything but laugh. What a site we all made, two people growing old together and two old goats.

Must run and get the camera, there has to be a story in there somewhere.


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