Book Review: Gabriela and The Widow


Title: Gabriela and The Widow

Author: Jack Remick

ISBN: 978-1-60381-147-7

Publisher: Coffeetown Press

Gabriela and The Widow is about a fourteen year old girl who has suffered the loss of family as her entire village was destroyed. The story traces her life of torture, abuse, and emotional and physical struggles with evil in many forms and her relationship with the widow, also a tortured soul. Together they set out to gain revenge and some meaning to the tragic world in which they have lived and survived. It is a story of two women, relationships and resolve.

This is an adult novel filled with layered meanings and symbolism that entertains and grabs the attention of the adult reader. Although the character is fourteen when the story begins, this novel is graphic and at times vulgar in it's description of what life is for this character and forces the reader to keep turning the pages. The plot is complex and filled with revenge, sometimes sadness, and a level of mystery and intrigue that only a well versed and experienced author could accomplish. Not many can create a world with both people and bizarre creatures like overgrown toads and vile monsters and turn the work into a masterpiece.

Although some might not enjoy this story, the reader would be lax if he or she could not acknowledge the skill and talent of the author in weaving this complex story in such a direct and graphic way. It is a master tale by a master talent.

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  1. Hello Terri. Thanks so much for your thoughtful review of a difficult novel. I appreciate that you found merit in the book even if it wasn't entirely your thing. The latest headlines from Pakistan and India just underscore the horror some women in some cultures endure. Gabriela, at least in symbol, finds a way to balance the scales. Thank you again.

  2. Hi Terri and thanks for sharing your thoughts on Jack Remick's recent book. I enjoyed reading a different perspective than my own on this novel. I am not finished with it yet, but I find Gabriela an interesting character who is dealing with things a lot of us here in the U.S. don't really understand or hardly know as real life. I love how Jack used these two women to show us all how we shouldn't be looking for greener pastures until we really understand what we have isn't helping us become better people. Or if we have all that we need to not be willing to help those without.


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