Book Review: Gary's Gray World

Author: Ryan J. Cunningham

Illustrated by Chrissy Fanslau

Title: Gary's Gray World

ISBN: 9781463670160

August 2011

Summary from the cover: When Gary's father is too busy to play, a scary moment at the baseball field brings his dad rushing to the park to rescue him.

My review: Cute simple story about a busy dad and a little boy who doesn't understand why work is more important than playing.

The story has a cute twist, nothing too frightening for little one's and a great ending. The story offers the opportunity to parents to discuss what is important and how sometimes work takes a front row seat but in the end time is what is important.

This cute book can be read aloud or beginning readers can tackle the text with a little encouragement. The book can be found at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble and is available as a Kindle Reader or a Nook Book.


  1. Thank you for being part of my book tour. This is a wonderful review of my book,Gary's Gray World.

  2. Thanks for featuring Ryan's book. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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