Book review: The Adventures of Nutty and Twittles by Dennis Marcoux

It is my pleasure to be part of the World of Ink book tour this month representing The Adventures of Nutty and Twittles, Oh Nuts! I Lost My Little Sister

My Review:

Kudos to Dennis Marcoux for giving children an exciting story with fun animal characters who keep young readers engaged and interested. In an age where children have technology and hand held devices at their finger tips it is refreshing to see and read a great picture book that will get children interested in reading. And what little kiddo hasn't thought about either losing a sibling or being the sibling that gets lost.

Readers and adults reading the story aloud will enjoy the antics of Nutty and Twittles.The cute illustrations go so well and enhance the fun of the story. Where will little sister be found? Come join the fun and find out how Nutty and Twittles get into such a pickle.

Author: Dennis Marcoux

Title:  Adventures of Nutty and Twittles, Oh Nuts! I Lost My Little Sister

ISBN:  978-1-61244-274-7


Hardcover / Paperback 

Children Book

Pages: 24

48-200 pages - 4.00 pounds 

Size of book: 8.5 X 8.5

About the book:

Nutty and his sister Twittles set out to play a fun game of hide "n" seek with their friends. When Twittles is the only one missing, the game quickly changes.  Nutty has to find his sister because she may be lost in the dark and dangerous Forrest.

About the author:

Dennis Marcoux lived in Worcester, Massachusetts for most of his life and now resides in Cape Coral, Florida.  He has been writing children stories and poems for many years and is passionate about children reading to expand their imagination.  In his spare time, you can find him reading books as a volunteer in elementary schools and children's hospitals.  He is a member of the Gulf Coast Writers Association of Fort Myers, Florida

e-Book Available Nook & Kindle 



  1. This sounds like a fun book for all. Congratulations, Dennis!

  2. Dennis's book looks interesting and fun, and the front cover illustration is adorable. Thanks for the review.
    Congratulations, Dennis!


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