I love Readers and Writers

I love those who love reading and I totally love those who write books. I am warming up to E-books but I still love to hold the hard copy of a good book as I cozy in for those chilly winter days and grab some writing or reading time. So without rambling on and on or sounding to lame just let me say this:

I am grateful for books, authors, and those who read this blog. I may never be famous or widely published but I join millions of others who cherish the written word and delve into made up towns with made up characters to find a special place. I am friends with famous authors, not so famous ones, and everyone in between whose dream it is to write something others want to read. So this Thanksgiving along with being thankful for health, shelter, and good food on our table I am truly thankful for all of those I have met who love writing and reading. May we all be seen on the page in a good way, and may we all continue to encourage and teach each other along our journey.

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy writing my friends. 


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