Book Review: Monkey Made Dream

My apologies for having posted the review of this great book several days later than I promised. Suffice to say it was my error and life got in the way. This book is a darling story and is worth the time and attention to read it over and over with your child.

Monkey Made Dream

Authors: Tom Listul and Heather Listul Hewitt

Published by: Trafford Publishing -

ISBN 978-1-4269-4986-9

Illustrations by: Jenna Hildahl

This story stretches the imagination of the reader when a little girl wakes up to find a monkey in the place of her brother...and no one seems to notice but her.

Dressing for school, brushing his teeth, and having breakfast the monkey goes along with the morning routine. What will his sister do?

This book is whimsical and fun, a story that will be enjoyed over and over by children and adults. It puts into words the fun ideas that come in our dreams and that appear so real. The story is timeless and can be read aloud at bedtime or in a classroom group. New readers will find success with the large print, easy language, and illustrations that enhance the storyline if they choose to read it alone.

Books open up the world to young children, and this book opens up a keen imagination and dreams.
I loved this story and I know you will too.


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