A Day in the Life of This Writer

My days are busy. I know all writers feel the same way and especially those writers who work a full time job on top of writing... then add parenting, catering, cleaning, along with being a functional part of an extended family and you get the picture. Days are busy. Days run together. And your writing can get put on the back burner.

I am working hard to keep my writing at the forefront of who I am everyday. I have simplified my time to shop less, socialize less, and clean less.  I work hard at making everything that I do at the computer to be something that can help me achieve my goal... to be a full time freelance writer with publishing credits to my name.

So here is how I try to make my day function for me...

Breakfast Food...for hubby, me, cats, dogs, horses, alpacas.
Clean...my teeth, dishes, start a load of laundry, pick up and straighten, make bed.
Write.. 9am to 11am at the computer
Lunch, put clothes in the dryer, tidy up a bit more, read some emails,
Write..12 noon to 2pm on the days I have to get ready for work
           12 noon to 3:30 on the days that I am off.
Food...for dinner, again the dogs, cats, alpacas, and horses.
Write again if I don't have to leave for work or if I don't have anything else on the agenda.

I try to do this at least 4 days a week. Most days I am successful and then there are the days that life gets in the way. On the days that I cannot stick to this schedule, I have my notebook with me and I am capturing new ideas or working on old ones. And I make lists... character names, titles, grocery lists, to do lists, all kinds of lists to help me keep working towards my goals.

For example, Saturday we went to a girls basketball game to watch our grandaughter play. She is eight. And I took notes. Character names, actions, behaviors of the girls and of the spectators... it was a productive day. And the best part was her surprise that we made the game.. we live 88 miles away so we don't always make it to her activities especially at 9 in the morning. The look on her face was priceless. Our grandsons ran up to us like they hadn't seen us in months ( it has only been a little over a week since we saw them.) It warmed my heart. And it confirmed my goal of wanting to be a published childrens author. Children are a blessing and boy do they tell  a story.

So now you know how my writing days go. How do you spend your writing day?


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