That Mama is a Grouch- Book Review

That Mama is a Grouch  
Author: sherry Ellis

ISBN 978-1-4505-3565-6

Publisher: Create Space 2010

Picture Book

That Mama is a Grouch is a story with rhythm and rhyme from the child's point of view... and everything the child does seems to make Mama mad. It is realistic about what it feels like to be a  child who gets yelled at for some of the things they do. This story makes  it easy for adults and children to relate to common activities that take place in a home and that really do cause the adults to be mad.

The great thing about this story is the way Mama admits that she may be a grouch and apologizes, then has a conversation with the child. It demonstrates a great role model for parents to follow when they want to listen to their child's opinion but also need to discipline some of the actions the child does in a loving and parenting way.

Examples of some of the actions the character does that makes Mama unhappy are coloring on the walls, not picking up the toys, and waking the baby. Mama later explains why these things make her grouchy and gives actions the character can do to make the home peaceful and fun again and why this makes the character a better person.

Sherry Ellis has done a great job with the flow of words and telling the story with rhythm. The illustrations add fun to the book and make it a story to be read again and again.


  1. Such a fun book. Kids will love it.

  2. Thanks for the great review! I hope it helps parents and kids understand each other a little better.

  3. My kids really like this book! One of their favorite parts is the return of the baby from Sherry's other book, "That Baby Woke Me Up ---AGAIN!"


    Eric from Happy Birthday Author (


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