Book Review: America's Black Founders by Nancy I. Sanders

I am pleased to be part of a virtual book tour for author Nancy I. Sanders. She has written many books and articles and her new book fits into Black History Month perfectly for children and teachers.

Nancy has written a wonderful book titled : America's Black Founders- Revolutionary Heroes and Early Leaders

This book is a fabulous resource for children and parents about some of America's African American leaders and heroes and their contributions to American history. The book tells the stories of men, women, soldiers, sailors, merchants, and doctors. It is an interesting mix of the history of community leaders and what it was like to live in those times.

The book includes 21 activities that can be explored. How would you like to write and publish a newspaper for your grade or craft a clay pot? Maybe you would like to design a flag or write a poem? There is even a recipe for pepper pot soup and firecakes. Now wouldn't your classmates like to sample some of that on a cold winter day?

Grab your copy of America's Black Founders-Revolutionary Heroes and Early Leaders

ISBN 978-1-55652-811-8

Chicago Review Press

150 pages for ages 9 and above.

Nancy I. Sanders is also the author of other great books including A Kid's Guide to African American History, D Is for Drinking Gourd, and Old Testament Days.

Nancy has also written books for writers including Yes! You Can. Learn How to Write Children's Books, and Get Them Published and Build a Successful Writing Career.

Check it out. You can also see more of what Nancy writes at or at her website


  1. This is the perfect book for Black History Month. And Nancy has all sorts of activities listed at the site for this book. Gosh! It makes me wish I were still a classroom teacher! What fun!

  2. I am so glad that you share information like this. We need more books like this.

  3. This book sounds wonderful...and perfect timing for it's promotion!

    Karen Cioffi

  4. Thanks, Suzanne, I hope teachers can find lots of great things to share and do with their students in my book. My husband teaches 4th grade and he's doing a lesson using my book today! -Nancy

  5. Kristi, isn't this great that Terri gave such a nice review here on her site? Thanks, Terri, for being an official stop on my Virtual Book Tour! -Nancy

  6. Hi Terri, I'm enjoying following Nancy on her book tour and discovering some new author blogs I didn't know about, including yours. I like your site as well as your review of her book. Best wishes.

  7. Thanks to all who visited my blog. Anyone who would like to contribute a tip for new writers is welcome to contact me. We writers do such a grand job of promoting and supporting each other. It is such fun... Evelyn, welcome. keep in touch.

  8. Thanks for a great post about Nancy's new book. As a former teacher I can say it's a MUST HAVE for every classroom.


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