Following The Steps Set to Be Successful

I have posted about author Nancy I Sanders and her book titled Yes! You Can Learn How to Write Children's Books, Get Them Published, and Build a Successful Writing Career before and I love sharing tips from her book with others.

  • I have more trouble following the tips myself and staying focused. Some days I have to ask myself whether or not I do this for a hobby or am I seriously trying to build a freelance career?

Today, I am seriously working at building a freelance writing career. Visit my new website at and check out the easy reader manuscript I have posted under the tab titled WHATS NEW. It is a start. The manuscript is for first grade readers and has passed the test with the first graders at a local elementary school so I am encouraged.

But how do you decide if you do this writing gig for a hobby or are pursuing it as a serious career?

Ask yourself a couple of questions to help you decide?

1. How much time do you have to devote to developing your writing career? If you answer an hour or two every 6 months, then you may have to consider your writing a hobby. If you write only when you are in crisis mode or have an argument with your kids, then maybe you are better off to journal for pleasure rather than a full time writing career.

Writing takes time.

2. How much do you want to work at your writing? Writing for a career choice takes not only time but much work. Research, revisions, outlining, submitting, reading, following guidelines, and maintaining records and notes is work. Are you willing to put in the time and work needed to make your writing into a career?

Writing takes work.

3. How much income do you need and how much do you expect to earn as a writer? Analyze your budget and set a reasonable list of financial goals before determining if you can give up your day job. It is important to understand that writing income can be sporadic and you will need to take care of your financial needs as you develop your writing career.

Writing takes time and work but will equal income. Life requires money so make adjustments to your income and your needs to allow time to work as a writer.

Be patient, and don't give up. If being a writer is what you want to do, keep at it. Hone your skills. Read the book by Nancy I. Sanders and other successful freelance writers. Join a writing club or writing group and never give up. You can be a successful writer. No go forth and write.


  1. Thanks Terri for the tips. It is really hard to work and write. I will keep pushing forward.

  2. Terri, what a nice surprise to visit here and see you doing a promo for my book! Thanks for the great plug. I felt your questions here are so helpful, too. And wow--what a great job you've done with your easy reader! Congratulations! -Nancy

  3. Thanks Kristi. Keep working on it, that's my plan. The compliment from Nancy is really appreciated as well, thank you. That encourages me to keep at it and maybe someday I too will have a book.

  4. I plan to review this book soon. I just love it and Nancy's ideas have actually revolutionize the way I look at queries and contracts. I think her book is a must for every children's writer, especially those who are starting.

  5. Terri, these are great questions we as writers need to ask ourselves. Great advice in your last paragraph also. Patience is not only a virtue, it's a necessity for writers, as is perseverance.

    Nancy's book is on my to get list - with over 75 published books to her credit I know Nancy has a lot to offer writers in the form of advice and instruction.

    Karen Cioffi

  6. Terri: I hope to grab a copy of Nancy Sander's book too. She has a magical yet down to earth way of instructing which I love. I like the word Mayra uses - "revolutionize" - that seems to be apt. Congratulations on raising these important issues all writers must confront at one point in time or another. I think 'patience' is key! Well-done!

    Dorit Sasson
    The New Teacher Resource Center

  7. Perserverence is a must. The only way wem can loose is if we quit.



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