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Please join me in welcoming Sean Noonan to our site today in day 2 of his virtual book tour. Check out his books for fun and unexpected surprises that kids will  be sure to enjoy.

Day 2 The Writer's Life with Children's Author Sean Noonan    

"I have always loved to read and lose myself in the wonder of stories. I find it incredible and very privileged that I may be able to instil that same sense of wonder in others."

Writing is a pleasure. It is hard work but, when all is said and done, it is a pleasure. I am very fortunate to find myself, at this point in my life, being able to type on a computer just as fast as I can write by hand. The best part of which is that people can actually read what I write on the keyboard, whereas my hand writing leaves a lot to be desired.

I remember, in the last year of primary school, that I won an award for my writing because it was so much like spiders had stepped in the ink and walked across the page. Not the best way to encourage children, though it just goes to show that anyone can overcome any challenge. If I can do it, anyone can.

Most of the adventures I have written so far were actually typed on airplanes, in airport lounges and in hotel rooms. I have a little ritual when I intend to write, particularly when I am flying. As we taxi down the runway I close my eyes and relax. I just drift off into the Land of Dreams and visualize the plot and scene. Then when I am ready to write (and the pilot switches off the "fasten your seatbelts" light) I pull out my computer and let the characters loose across the pages.

Grumphspawn's grumpiness, Elannah's elegance, Sam's bravery, Pokey the Hedgehog's sense of humour are all very real to me and are as much a part of my success as the story lines themselves.

These stories are products of all of the families imaginations. What better way to write for children than to have them actively involved in the story's creation. Some of the plot twists and characters names come from my kids and we have fun talking about what will happen next. Children have such wonderful and unexpected imaginations.

When I think of the 'Adventures' and what I will write next, I often let my thoughts drift off into another world. I visualize the story. What will happen, and where the tale takes place, become images in my mind that I write down. The characters are fun and so I let them play in this virtual story land. They become real to me so much that they sometimes even hijack the story down routes that I didn't originally intend. Elannah's character can be quite persuasive and she often leads me off into new thoughts. Sam's character is adventurous and brave and he will cause the story to change more in the directions that he wants. All in all, we have fun together crafting the adventures and we just hope that our readers love the stories as much as we do.

I have noticed something that has changed since I started writing; the way I read. I still love books, of course, but I can't help but look at what an author has done and how they have achieved the effects that the stories invoke. It is essential to read if you want to write. Broaden your horizons and expand your perceptions. Life is learning and when the lessons learnt allow us to be better individuals then life is rich.

I choose to write in a very positive way and even though the adventures are thrilling I keep them encouraging and focussed. Our imaginations are powerful tools. It is best to nurture them for good reasons.

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  1. I love that you involved your children in the stories. It's a great way to get them excited about reading and writing.


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