Writing prompt and chance to enter it here.....

Writing can stump you. Just when you think that things are going well, something happens and the page looks blank. The characters don't speak, they don't even react....they lurk in the corners of the story without a hint of what they are up to next.

What does a writer do?  Keep writing. Change the subject matter, find a new project for the time being, use a writing prompt, listen to music, bake a cake... you name it there is a world of things to do when you are stumped. What works for you may not work for the next writer. Writing is what the end product needs to be...words on a page. Finding the things that spark your creativity is one of the joys of being a writer...so go forth and write.

Here is a prompt for you. Take a look at this picture and what do you see? Do you see a peaceful walk in a park that your character and her lover take or do you see your character running frantically down the path  tripping over what appears to be a hand reaching out of the wet leaves?

Set the timer and  write for 5 minutes.  Write whatever comes to mind as it relates to this picture. It may just jumpstart a great story.

Email to share your story idea here. The best entries will be compiled into a project I am working on for the blog which will include your bio and some exposure to your writing. See you on the page.


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